EUVOLIA Course, Module 4 and 5: Back to the Future

Sooner or later, every journey comes to an end. For almost four months in a row, EUVOLIA students traveled far and wide through the ages, exploring European culture and values through the most important and influential texts. On the final stage of this remarkable route, modules 4 and 5 taught by Olena Tupakhina had brought them closer to the modern times – first, into the turbulent era of Industrial Revolution, so similar to yet so different from our own postindustrial age; and then to tragic and magnificent XX century.

Thanks to the magic of fiction, we

  • witnessed the dawn of Marxism, Darwinism, Scientism and other powerful metanarratives of the recent past;
  • got to know a set of values shaped by Positivism, Utilitarianism and Evangelism;
  • traced the history of the Mad Scientist archetype back to the times of Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll;  
  • took part in the Condition of England debates; 
  • supported Nora’s escape from the Doll House;
  • watched the values shattered by the tragedies of the World Wars and restored once again in a new global and multicultural world;
  • practiced Camus’s Existentialism to fight totalitarian regimes; 
  • voted Back to the Nature together with D.G.Lawrence; 
  • and, last but not least, tried to identify ourselves through the set of our own values.  

It’s been a wonderful journey for all the EUVOLIA team.  We thank all our students for their bright imagination, creative ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm they shared with us so eagerly. Looking forward to seeing your projects next Tuesday – for, after all, every end is a new beginning 🙂