EUVOLIA 2020 Enrollment: Getting Started

EUVOLIA has been gradually expanding all over the university: next year, we would deliver our course to two groups in a row – those of the Faculty of Law and of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. We would also enable participation for the rest of the faculties on a volunteering basis.

Tuesday, December 17, EUVOLIA team presented the course to the prospective attendants and found out what was the reason behind their choice of subject.

As it had been expected, extensive reading was one of the key motivator, thus debunking the wide-spread stereotype of Ukrainian youth’s indifference to books. EUVOLIA provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss your favourite books with peers and teachers!

An unusual format of the course is second popular choice, with the group projects specifically pointed out as an attractive alternative to a traditional exam. EUVOLIA totally boosts your creative thinking!

We were extremely pleased to learn that some of our students had been motivated by positive feedback provided by EUVOLIA alumni. Hope that would turn into a steady tendency!

What is also important, the necessity to learn more about the European thinking framework has become more evident among Ukrainian students. They would undoubtedly be the first generation of Ukrainians to share the EU cultural space to a full extent, and EUVOLIA would do its best to guide them through ?