EUVOLIA Welcomes New Students!

In search of common background: those born in Summer ?

The last day of January brought yet another group of students eager to study European Values in Literary Arts into a convenient European Studies Hall of Zaporizhzhya National University.

This year, the bulk of the group consists of the students from the faculties of Mathematics and Law. However, due to an open enrollment, a number of students from other faculties – those of Philology, History and Foreign Philology – has also joined us due to a positive feedback provided by our alumni.

Brainstorming the way to survive on an isolated island

After the general presentation given by EUVOLIA module leaders Olena Tupakhina and Kateryna Vasylyna, the students took part in traditional team-building exercises. They were asked to commend themselves in 3 nouns (this time coffee lovers win in both of groups :)), shared ther hobbies (all of our students have pets!) and decided upon a set of rules to be developed to survive on an isolated island (which is, as we know, the best way to work out the teamwork principles).

Dreaming of Ukraine’s European future together!

So, good luck to all our wonderful students in their journey through texts and times, and see you all next week (please check the main page for your schedule)!