EUVOLIA Meets Young Talents

It’s hard to be a workaholic in summer, but EUVOLIA team members take the challenge! Under the blazing heat of June, Dr. Oleksandra Nikolova travels to Khortytsa island to meet the participants of the Junior Academy of Sciences Summer School.

The youngest generation of the Ukrainian scholars has its cake and eats it, too: Summer fun is mixed with lectures and trainings delivered by the most outstanding researchers of Zaporizhzhya region. EUVOLIA team member Dr. Oleksandra Nikolova works with the group focused on Humanities. She takes the case of EUVOLIA to explain the challenges and perspectives of Philological studies in Ukraine and how European Union programs, specifically Erasmus+, contribute to their continuous development.  EUVOLIA success story not only proves the importance of cross-cultural communication and shared values for shaping out the new generation of Ukrainians, but also serves as a vivid example of curriculum upgrade with regard to European standards and approaches to teaching humanities.  

Dr. Nikolova’s workshops are a great success among young scholars eager to develop their own projects and to breath new life into school program in Foreign Literature. They are specifically interested in the new interactive methodologies EUVOLIA implements to raise the efficiency of the course: group projects instead of traditional exams, role playing games, mind mapping etc. 

EUVOLIA team wishes our young researchers good luck with their initiatives and looks forward to welcoming them one day as Zaporizhzhya National University students!