Secretary of National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance awards certificates to EUVOLIA students

First International Conference “European Values in Ukrainian Education: Challenges and Perspectives” held under Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Module “European Values in Literary Arts” (599918-ЕРР-1-2018-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE EUVOLIA) was stuffed full of events. Arguably, one of the most interesting meetings on the conference agenda was Secretary of National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance, Dr. Myсhailo Wynnytskyj’s presentation of his book “Ukrainian Maidan, Russian War: Revolution of Dignity Chronicles and Analysis”.

As a Revolution of Dignity participant, Dr. Wynnytskyj knows a lot about inner transformations of Ukrainian attitudes towards such important European values as human dignity, democracy and freedom. A descendant to Ukrainian immigrants in Canada, holding PhD in Economic Sociology from Cambridge University (UK), he he has been a permanent resident of Ukraine since 2003 and contributed a lot to educational reforms currently taking place in our country. In some recent years after the Euromaidan Mykhailo was appointed as the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Councillor and elected as the Head of National Expert Group for Erasmus+ Higher Education Reforming. He deals with the introduction of a degree of Ph.D. instead of traditional Ukrainian ‘aspirantura’ and health care reforms as the head and councillor. He also has been a member of  Advisory Council of Ukrainian Leadership Academy for last three years.

No wonder EUVOLIA students felt really honored to get their graduation certificates from Dr. Wynnytskyj. In his brief speech preceding the ceremony, the honorable guest expressed his delight with the scale of European studies program at ZNU. Alongside EUVOLIA graduates (the last graduation before the project’s closure in August 2021), two more Jean Monnet Modules, JMM TEMPUS and JMM EU-Indy, delegated their best attendants to receive awards. EUVOLIA team congratulates all the students with their accomplishments!