EUVOLIA: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EUVOLIA?

Initially, euvolia is a medical term meaning
normal water content or volume of a given compartment. As for the project означає EUVOLIA (European Values in Literary Arts), funded by EU under Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Activity, it’s aim is to secure job-oriented vs cultural knowledge balance in the secondary school teacher training programs. We treat our students not only as future professionals in the field of education (be it Sciences or Humanities), but as kulturträgers, capable of European values dissemination and promotion. Such function of a teacher is vitally important for a new Ukrainian school challenged by various inter-generational and ideological conflicts in our society.  

  • What is the aim of EUVOLIA?

The project aims at providing the new Ukrainian school with a values-wise competent, well-read and broad-minded teacher by means of the European Values in Literary Arts study course, teacher-focused seminars and open public discussions of axiological transformations in Ukrainian society. 

  • What is the difference between EUVOLIA and any other course in Literature taught at school or HEI?  

The course designed by EUVOLIA team tends to introduce its students to the system of European values (EV) in an evolutionary matter, tracing the EV formation back to the Middle ages and thus explicating the connections between the values systems and various historical, social, political, economical and cultural influence agents. Our students would be able to discover and investigate axiological messages in various art media – fiction, cinema, pop songs etc. The most prominent samples of European fiction would provide cases demonstrating conflicts of values typical for a certain historical period.   

One of the most attracting features of the course is interactivity. We would follow the flipped classroom pattern, providing as much academic hours as possible to group work (discussions, debates, role simulations etc.). Hence that, the course would help our students to master and improve such soft skills as rhetoric, public speech, critical thinking and teamwork.  Instead of a traditional exam, our students would develop and defend a group project on exploring axiological messages in modern Ukrainian cultural products – books or movies. The results of their research would contribute to a large-scale research project on transitive values in Ukrainian society.  

To make the study process more comfortable and effective, all the course materials would be available online through the Moodle platform. 

  • What competitive advantages would I get through EUVOLIA?

Have a couple of ideas from our teachers: https://euvolia.znu.edu.ua/en/?page_id=176

And, apart from that, you’ll get a certificate stating your participation in an international educational project.  

  • Who would teach EUVOLIA course?

The course would be designed and taught by a team of competent and enthusiastic researchers from the Faculty of History and the Faculty of Foreign Philology of Zaporizhzhya National University. More info about our staff is available here:  https://euvolia.znu.edu.ua/?page_id=31

  • How many hours does the course comprise?

The course comprises 50 academic hours of class work and 40 hours of homework. Please consult the course syllabus for more info. 

  • Are there any other EUVOLIA activities apart from the course?

Teacher-focused seminars would help to disseminate EUVOLIA course implementation experience among the professionals; 

Round tables would gather experts, NGO representatives, parents and all those interested in European Values and their promotion to grant an open and productive discussion about axiological transformations in Ukrainian society, conflict of values and the means of its representation in the new Ukrainian school curriculum;

Final conference “European Values for New Ukrainian School” would sum up the experience gained from the project implementation, and would serve as a platform for expert discussion upon the means and tools of EV promotion at secondary and high school. 

Open University lectures would introduce general public to the EUVOLIA course content. Feel free to ask our teachers!   

  • How long would EUVOLIA last?

The project would be funded by EU for three years – from 01.09.2018 to 31.08.2021. However, we would continue to teach the course and run some EUVOLIA activities after the project is closed. 

  • Can I take part in EUVOLIA activities?

You are most heartily welcome! 

Students:  enroll for the EUVOLIA course through Moodle

Teachers: share your contacts via google form, and we’ll keep you informed about upcoming activities