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Why should I consider EUVOLIA “European Values in Literary Arts” as a #1 optional subject?

Module: “European Values as an Axiological Construct”

Teacher: Stan Cherkasov, PhD

“Top-3 POIs of my module:

  • the genesis of European Values: how did we get them? 
  • East vs West: clash of values 
  • Ancient and Medieval takes on European values 

Тop-3 reasons to join the course:

  • get to know the modern European world picture through the culture; 
  • interdisciplinary of the course;
  • master critical deconstruction of values and become immune to ideological manipulations

Module: “European Renaissance: the Roots of Modern Anthropocentric Outlook”

Teacher: Kate Vasylyna, PhD

“Top-3 POIs of my module:

  • get to know the Renaissance and how it is still influencing the world around you;
  • learn what the Democracy, Freedom and Human Happiness meant for Utopians; 
  • solve Freedom of Will vs Tyranny dichotomy alongside Shakespeare

Top-3 reasons to join the course:

  • master communication skills and broaden your horizons;
  • rethink your values and get ready for a modern multicultural and pluralistic world; 
  • gain an immense pleasure from reading well-known masterpieces anew!”

Module: «The Values of Enlightenment and Romanticism: the Antagonism of Public and Private»

Teacher: Oleksandra Nikolova, Doctor of Philology 

“Top-3 POIs of my module:

  • civil society, social activity, social justice, tolerance and gender equality – have they been here since the XVII century?;
  • meet the Classics: rediscover Corneille, Goethe and Hugo;  
  • political influence upon fiction;

Top-3 reasons to join the course:

  • get as much as possible from our interactive means of study – make your journey through the texts and the ages fruitful and comfortable;
  • master your teamwork skills when working upon the group projects;
  • train your critical thinking by taking parts in debates and discussions!” 

Module: «The Values of Industrial Age»

Teacher: Olena Tupakhina, PhD

“Top-3 POIs of my module:

  • the Rich and the Poor: “the two nations” or one family? 
  • «Dangerous Science»: the Mad Scientist’s genealogy
  • «The Woman Question»: from the Angel in the House to the New Woman

Top-3 reasons to join the couse:

  • get to know your own culture through comparison; 
  • discover the hidden messages of modern movies, series, books and songs; 
  • express yourself – enjoy the unlimited creativity!”

Module: «ХХ century: Reevaluating the Values»

Teachers: Olena Tupakhina, PhD

“Top-3 POIs of our module:

  • L’Homme révolté facing the XX century challenges; 
  • Back to the Nature: Ecological issues in fiction;
  • Identity construction in a globalized world;

Top-3 reasons to join the course:

  • mix sweet and savory on your way to understanding yourself;
  • become a real Kulturträger ;
  • take an opportunity to finally read the books you’ve promised yourself to read!”