Study Sources

EUVOLIA course syllabus

EUVOLIA course presentation

EUVOLIA teachers book (guide on methodology)

EUVOLIA course book “European Values in Literary Arts”

EUVOLIA course on Moodle

Guidelines to EUVOLIA group projects design

Training materials: 

Session 1. Values-Oriented Approach in Teaching Humanities: EUVOLIA experience

Session 2. Group Projects on Values Code Analysis: Guidelines for Teachers

Session 3.1. How to use HeySpace to manage and control student projects 

Session 3.2. StoryboardThat for teachers of Humanities

Session 3.3. WordCloud for teachers of Humanities

Video: Training session, 06.11.2020 (1 Гб, WMV) 

Video: Class session (open lesson), 07.11.2020 (290 Мб, WMV)

Video: Group project defense (1 Gb, MP4)

Avachara – program used during class session on 07.11.2020 to create characters (to demostrate social stereotypes) 

Images of scientists created by EUVOLIA students during class session on 07.11.2020 (to demonstrate social stereotype)

Written tasks for training session