“ZNU Researchers Won the Erasmus+ Grant”: Pedagogical Press Education Portal Writes About EUVOLIA

Joint team of the faculties of History and Foreign Philology has become one of the 14 winners of this year’s Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Activities call, the educational portal Pedagogical Press informs. 
The European Values in Literary Arts  project team consists of young PhD researchers: Stanislav Cherkasov, associate professor of the Chair of World History and International Relations; Olena Tupakhina and Oleksandra Nikolova, associate professors of the Chair of German Language and Translation; Kateryna Vasylyna, Faculty of Foreigh Philology Deputy Dean in Academic Issues; and Kateryna Kasian, Head of International Office ZNU, MA. 

Full text available here (UA): https://pedpresa.ua/194076-yevropejski-tsinnosti-u-hudozhnih-tekstah-proekt-uchenyh-znu-vyborov-grant-programy-erazmus.html