EUVOLIA logo unveiled!

Just like the life is impossible without water, the good teacher is impossible without literature. This idea underpins the logo of the project European Values in Literary Arts.  The project’s acronym EUVOLIA meaning normal water balance required for organism’s functionality symbolically reflects the necessity to restore the balance between humanitarian and non-humanitarian components of teachers’ training. Since literature is traditionally considered as one of the most powerful means of European identity construction, a course entitled “European Values in Fiction” and aimed at Education majors’ integration into pan-European axiological context would respond to the above-stated challenge.
The project’s tactical goal comprises the development of skills and competences required for overall understanding of and critical reflection upon cultural, political and ideological background of axiological frameworks either promoted by governments or communities or constructed by an individual.
The project’s strategic goal is set at forming a new generation of broad-minded and well-read secondary school teachers, capable of understanding the logics of cultural development and serving as devoted agents of influence upon the process of axiological transformation of Ukrainian society.