EUVOLIA Course Presented at the Faculty of History

On Thursday, December 13, EUVOLIA course presentation took place  at the Faculty of History. Project coordinator Stanislav Cherkasov introduced the students majoring in International Relations, Social Communications and Regional Studies to the key concepts of our relevant, practical and thrilling course, including EUVOLIA five basic modules devoted to axiological aspects of various historical periods (Middle Ages, Reneissance, Enlightenment, Victorian Age and XX century). The course would provide an opportunity to trace the history of European values back to the times they had been shaped, to understand the core of modern Euro-Atlantic civilization and to study its axiology through fiction.  It’s a chance to liik back at your own system of values, to get ready for a modern multicultural and pluralistic world to live in and to get a fresh perspective of a well-known classical pieces of fiction.  As a result of the presentation, over 20 students expressed their desire to enroll for the EUVOLIA course.