EUVOLIA Course Launched!

On January 29, 2019 first group of EUVOLIA course participants gathered together at ZNU European Studies Hall to meet EUVOLIA teachers and get to know each other better. Since teamwork is one of the main priorities of the course, the introductory part was devoted to networking. Both students and teachers took part in various team building activities to bridge the gap between the faculties and to work out simple teamwork rules to be applied when working upon the group projects. So here’s what we’ve got:  

  1. Set a clear and understandable goal; make sure each team member understands it.
  2. Get to know your team: delegate responsibilities with regard to individual skills and talents.
  3. Develop a sense of property: share failures as well as success.
  4. Look for a good leader and respect your choice. 
  5. Plan your work together and respect the deadlines as soon as they are established. 
  6. Make sure decision making process is fair and transparent. 
  7. When discussing project matters, try not to force your will on others. Reach out for compromise for as long as needed to make sure everyone accepts the final decision. 
  8. Lend a shoulder to each other when necessary. 
  9. Split your big goal into smaller ones not to lose the feeling of progress. Mark each step towards your final aim. 
  10. Have fun and share funny moments to make your project a great personal experience!