Module 1: Done!

Time to mark the progress! EUVOLIA Module 1 has been successfully accomplished by our pilot group.

Led by their module leader Stan Cherkasov, the students journeyed through the ages, back to Ancient and Medieval times that planted the first seeds of European values in terms of human rights, individuality and freedom. What are their most valuable trophies so far? Let’s sum it up! 

  • Basics of modern civiliography;
  • Various periodization models of European history; 
  • The answer to the question of what makes Europe so very European; 
  • The word “Eurocentrism” (and its meaning, of course);  
  • Lifehacks to blending in when in Ancient Greece;
  • The concept of courteous love and its influence upon modernity;

and many other ideas they had a chance to discuss during interactive classes and the group dispute “Globalization vs Westernization: the historical retrospective to the confrontation of Eastern and Western values systems”. 

Well, East or West, Euvolia students are the best. Looking forward to seeing you next week on board Module 2!