EUVOLIA Goes to School!

Indeed, to school – or, to be precise, to annual Philology School held by Zaporizhzhya National University. 

Wednesday, March 27, Dr. Oleksandra Nikolova presented new teaching methods developed for and implemented through the EUVOLIA project to the secondary school teachers from Zaporizhzhya and Zaporizhzhya region. The audience got really fascinated by the EUVOLIA course’s innovative concept. The experts initiated a thorough discussion of the text selection procedures, interactive elements applied, feedback collection tools, student-teacher dialogue etc.  Later on, the focus of interest switched to raising the New Ukrainian School students’ awareness of European values by strengthening interdisciplinary ties.     

Our colleagues also got interested in the group projects as a final assessment method and eagerly enrolled for the further EUVOLIA events and activities scheduled for the next academic year – round tables, teaching workshops etc.  Dr. Nikolova heartily invited all the attendants to take part in the student projects’ evaluation process as soon as the projects would be published at EUVOLIA website. We’re also looking forward to welcoming our colleagues at EUVOLIA Round Table devoted to axiological transformation in Ukrainian society to be held in October 2019.