EUVOLIA Officially Presented at ZNU

On Monday 22, 2018 EUVOLIA was officially presented to the local academic community in the newly opened European Studies Hall of ZNU.
The event was attended by the Rector, the Vice-Rectors in Science, Academic and Pedagogical Affairs, teacher, student government members and the media. Our honourable guests from European University Viadrina (Germany) brought an international perspective to otherwise domestic celebration.

Alongside with other Erasmus+ projects groups currently implementing their initiatives at ZNU, EUVOLIA team presented the main goals and objectives of the project, highlighted its most significant outcomes and scheduled events. On of the most important messages delivered by our team was that EUVOLIA is, in fact, a project for everyone – teachers, students, experts, parents, NGOs and community. The audience was encouraged to take part in our surveys, to sign up for our course and to feel at home on board EUVOLIA 🙂
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