EUVOLIA Discusses Eurointegration

February 11, EUVOLIA alumni led by Stan Cherkasov, our project coordinator, took part in a public discussion “Euromap of Ukraine. Where’s Zaporizhzhya in regional Eurointegration rating?” held by The New Europe Centre as a wrap up event for their research project in regional Europintegration dynamics funded by IRF, OSIF and the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine and supported by the USAID Civic Activity Support Program.

The discussion was moderated by Sergiy Solodky, first Deputy Head of the New Europe Center, alongside with Daria Gayday (the adviser to the Vice-Minister of European and Euroatlantic Integration of Ukraine), Artur Boyko (the Head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration’s International Relations Department), Askad Ashurbekov (political expert and sociologist), Olesia Kramarenko (Dzyga NGO director) and Olha Makjyuk (Head of the Chair of the World History and International Relations of ZNU). The participants discussed best EU standards and practices to be disseminated in Ukrainian regions in order to boost the Eurointegration processes there. They highlighted that the very term “Eurointegration” has ceased to be the property of expert community and has been widely used as a denominator for positive changes. Detailed info available here: